Nature Edited

Virginia bluebells. Photo by Ann Rohlfing.

I snatched five minutes from my work day to visit the Lower Blockston Branch, a favorite springtime destination. The thought struck me as I walked that green settles lowest first. The haze of forest floor viewed from the first bridge pulled into sharper focus closer up: spring beauty, skunk cabbage, Virginia bluebells, and ragwort, followed by a generous blanket of moss along the streambed. Higher in the trees, the first leaves unfolded, but their green heyday hadn’t yet arrived.

For those of us impatient for spring, the bare trees seem in opposition to the date. Maybe this is nature’s way of pulling us in for a closer look; secrets revealed slowly hold our attention longer than those displayed all at once. Or, to quote English author Henry Green, “The more you leave out, the more you highlight what you leave in.” 

by Jenny Houghton
Assistant Director

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