Project Greenhouse!

Great things are going on at the Arboretum’s greenhouse! Thanks to funding from the Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust, Arboretum staff and volunteers recently replaced the torn plastic covering and old fittings. Wire lock bars will secure the new covering, and a rolling bar will allow the plastic to be rolled up and down as needed.





Funding from Stanley Smith will also purchase a shade cloth, irrigation tubing, and inflation fans for the greenhouse. The current heating unit will be serviced and gas lines rerouted to allow for the roll-up bar configuration.

When work on the greenhouse is completed, it will be used to propagate plants for the Arboretum’s native plant nursery.  The additional space will also be available for programs and wreath decorating, helping the Arboretum grow in more ways than one.

by Assistant Director Jenny Houghton and Land Steward Kathy Thornton; photos by Leslie Cario


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