Nature at Night

Nightly backyard excursions with my new pup have lent a unique perspective to nature. Twice now I’ve watched a large rabbit stand guard over a grassy nest that went unnoticed during daylight. Beneath a full moon, trees cast shadows across the lawn. And the birds! I must have known they sang all night in springtime, yet their midnight song still came as a surprise.

Experiencing the outdoors in different circumstances heightens our senses and offers new insight into the natural world. This spring, challenge your own nature awareness by following an unfamiliar path, visiting a new park, or even venturing into the dark.

I’ll be grateful when the latest addition to my household is sleeping through the night. I’ll also be grateful for the experiences I’ve gained from my nightly outings. Whether it be frog song, a drift of stars, or the passage of geese overhead, sometimes we see most clearly when we can hardly see at all.

by Jenny Houghton
Youth Program Director




2 thoughts on “Nature at Night

  1. I too have a wee one that needs protective trips at night (and day, in my case). These little nightly trips often fill me with wonder. Well written piece Jenny.

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