Take a walk

Join us for First Saturday Guided Walks, offered every first Saturday at 10 a.m. Here, docent naturalist Al Moored reports on the March walk.

Saturday’s walk was under a blue sky and a warming spring like day. Three of us, accompanied by a very well-behaved dog, went across the meadow looking for birds (blue

christmas fern for web

Christmas fern

jays, bluebirds, buzzards, a hawk, cardinals) and to the fox den. The den was cleared for use but there was no evidence that there are any occupants just yet. We went to the bridge at the north boundary of the Arboretum. The water was clear and moving fast. We found some Christmas fern and skunk cabbage (even a bloom). From the bridge we headed down the ridge line, staying along the paths next to the water as best we could all the way to the bridge at the south entrance (or exit?) to the Arboretum. We were tempted to just sit on the bench and watch the activity across the Tuckahoe, but there was still some snow on that bench! We doubled back and went out to the South Meadow and back to the starting point. It was a good two-hour walk, new terrain for the walkers, and plenty of evidence that spring is just around the corner.


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