Adkins Arboretum gets mail delivered!

robyn mailbox 2Have you driven into the main entrance at Adkins Arboretum and noticed something new? We now have a mailbox! I LOVE our new mailbox! We can walkrobyn mailbox 1 out in the morning and put our mail in and put the flag up and later walk to the mailbox again to get our mail!

What a great excuse for walking outside and enjoying the grounds while we work. Most importantly, we are lessening our carbon footprint by not driving to our old post office box in town, which is good to keep down the rampant CO2 that impacts Climate Change. (And, our mail carrier is driving by anyway.) It truly is the little things in life that give us our greatest joy for ourselves and our planet.

by Robyn Affron
NNOCCI Certified Climate Change Interpreter


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