“Bugging” the Dog Days of Summer

“…a day birding is never wasted. There’s always something to see and photograph.” Wise words and gorgeous photos. This is a wonderful blog to follow, especially for those of us near the Chesapeake.


Monarch Monarch

If “birding’ is now the accepted verbiage for bird-watching, then “bugging” must also be an okay description for my recently acquired interest in the orders Lepidoptera (butterflies & moths) and Odonata (dragonflies & damselflies), of the Class Insecta and Phylum Arthropoda.  Several years ago while birding with talented guides in Cape Cod and Cape May I was impressed with their ability to identify insects that flew by and their knowledge about their life cycles, migratory habits, etc.  But it all makes sense–you are outside, enjoying our natural world, and can’t always find a bird, especially in the dog days.  Why not branch out and learn about the bugs.  After all many fly, are quite beautiful, a food source for many birds, and have compelling life stories of their own.  I’m mainly talking about butterflies, moths, dragonflies, and damselflies.

IMG_1011 Palamedes Swallowtail

Until recently I did not fully comprehend the complete…

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