Report from April’s Soup ‘n Walk

Arboretum docent and Maryland Master Naturalist Margan Glover led the walk for the April 18 Soup ‘n Walk program. Here is her report. 

What a fantastic day for a walk!  Here are some of the things our group saw (in no particular order):

Sassafras blooming. Some of us nibbled a blossom or two to enjoy the mild aromatic flavor.

sassafras – photo by Ann Rohlfing

Paw paw flower buds are still small and green, but you can see their ultimate shape and color.
– Violets

Spring beauties. I’ve never seen such a profusion!  There’s a place near the turn on Creekside where the bank is about at eye level, so you actually look through thousands of blooms – magnificent!

spring beauty

spring beauty – photo by Ann Rohlfing

Hearts-a-bursting are just sending out tiny flower buds.

Bluets and dogwood blooming along Upland Trail. Rattlesnake weed leaves also showing along trailside.

– Jack-in-the-pulpits newly out

– Leaf shoots of lady slippers just poking through the leaf litter
– 2 brown toads
– Several painted turtles sunning
– Tree frogs trilling
– We thought we saw an otter in Tuckahoe Creek, but the splashing turned out to be spawning fish (probably perch).
– Virginia bluebells (in fine form) and golden ragwort (not quite blooming yet)
Bedstraw sending up its distinctive leaves on square raspy stems
Mourning cloak butterfly
_AR24540 Just out of dormancy mourning cloak email
Bellwort leaves newly up
Shadbush blooming
Ovenbirds shouting and prairie warblers practicing their scales
– New tent caterpillars (especially on black and wild cherry trees)
No bloodroot, alas. I couldn’t even find the leaves where I’d seen the blooms less than a couple of weeks ago
Just wonderful.


The next Soup ‘n Walk program—after which the program is on hiatus until September—is Saturday, May 16. Soup ‘n Walks fill quickly! Click here to reserve your spot.


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