What’s in bloom?

spring beauty

spring beauty

What’s happening in our gardens and in the woods? I am finding that my trees, shrubs, and bulbs are about two to three weeks behind due to the record cold winter temperatures. So enjoying many of the March and April blooms this spring may start a little later. This is great news because you haven’t missed anything! There is plenty of time to get outdoors and enjoy the blooms and sounds of spring. Come walk in the Arboretum woods and look for ephemerals like spring beauty and bloodroot.  American beech is still holding last year’s leaves, but soon will they finally be pushed off by new spring growth. Soon the bullfrogs will be singing in the wetland as you cross the bridge. The sounds last for a short time, so don’t let spring at the Arboretum pass you by. Make time to enjoy the outdoors–I hope to see you on the paths!

by Robyn Affron
Visitor Services Coordinator
Certified Professional Horticulturist


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