Housebound, dreaming of outward bound

As the sole holdout in an epic family battle with the stomach flu, I feel strong, resilient. I feel…in desperate need of some fresh air.  The roses in my cheeks have long expired, and the snowy landscape seems a distant dream.

Luckily, that dream is in reach for healthier members of the population. Sunshine and warm winter gear make the cold temperatures bearable and well worth the price of admiring the Arboretum’s snowy paths.

_ASR4855 Wetland snow from nr visitor ctr entrance email

Photos by Ann Rohlfing


If I close my eyes, I can visualize the lacy ice that edges the Blockston Branch. While much of the wildlife that calls the Arboretum home is sheltering from the cold, their tracks abound, and the feeders near the Visitor’s Center are thronged with birds.

_ASR2447 Footprints in snow email

Don’t waste winter dreaming of spring. Take some time to step outside and enjoy the season’s beauty. Sparkling snow and crystalline ice can hold their own against tulips and daffodils, and sunshine is surely the best medicine of all.

by Jenny Houghton
Youth Program Coordinator


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