To a degree

The arrival of cold weather is heralded with a single, much-repeated phrase in my household. Here’s how it works:

Child #1: “I’m cold.”
Me: “Put on a sweater.”

Child #2: “I can’t feel my feet.”
Me: “Put on a sweater.”

Child #3: “There are icicles growing out of my nose.”
Me: “Put on a sweater.”

While my family’s dedication to energy conservation may be extreme, there’s something to be said for experiencing seasonal temperature variation, as opposed to living in thermostat-controlled denial. As a society, we’re a little mixed up. Enter any mall in July for a blast of frosty, air-conditioned chill. That same mall in December will be as toasty as Florida during a heat wave.

If we all lowered the thermostat by a few degrees in the winter and raised it in the summer, imagine the conservation inroads we could be making. Less use of fossil fuels would lead to less greenhouse gas emission, which in turn would help reduce global climate change. Sound too easy? Maybe that’s because it is.

Put on a sweater, people.

by Jenny Houghton
Youth Program Coordinator


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