Seeds of change

Botanical Interest organic seeds are now available in the Arboretum’s Sweet Bay Gifts organicseedsshop. A nice selection of seeds for cold crops, herbs, Heirloom vegetables, and flowers is in stock. Offerings include a beautiful selection of seed packs of flowers that attract hummingbirds, a special mix of seed called “Save the Bees,” and another called “Bringing Butterflies Home.”

Sunflowers are easy to grow from seed and add beauty and structure to the garden as well as a natural organic seed source. Planting a new crop every two weeks will ensure sunflowers from the end of June until September.

Grow organic wheat grass for Easter décor or for your favorite kitty cat, or start a pizza garden with basil, parsley, oregano, and tomatoes. This is a great way to get children excited about gardening and eating their vegetables!

For further information or questions, contact me at

by Robyn Affron
Visitor Services Coordinator


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