Goats on the move


The Arboretum’s goat herd, now six goats strong (Lily, Tiarella, Rosie, Pufferfish, Sunshine, and Pearl), has made its fall return to the winter holding pen where there is plenty of water, hay, and shelter from inclement weather. Sunshine and Pearl, who were born in spring, joined the herd this summer. To be sure these new baby goats were free of any disease or illness, they spent a few weeks in quarantine. They were irresistibly cute, as all baby goats are, but skittish and feared the staff or visitors approaching them. To help acclimate them to the friendly goat culture of the Arboretum, Lily was moved from the woodland edge targeted grazing area, where she had been dining on the impenetrable wood’s edge along the South Meadow, to mentor Sunshine and Pearl. With Lily’s help, within a few weeks the young ones had built their confidence and would join Lily in greeting Arboretum visitors passing by on the Nursery Road. Last week Pufferfish, Tiarella, and Rosie also returned to the goats’ winter holding pen. Come visit all of the Arboretum goats this winter with one stop at the permanent goat pen, 101 Nursery Road. It’s the only residence along the walk between the Visitor’s Center and the Native Plant Nursery. They welcome visitors every day.

by Ellie Altman
Executive Director


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