A very cool experience

I am a little sad because the Arboretum’s Beginning Drawing class has come to an end. After five Mondays spent with Lee D’Zmura and about a dozen classmates learning

IMG_1605how to draw, I must now practice these new skills on my own. I’ll just have to encourage myself by remembering how we sketched our way through each lesson, looking over each other’s shoulders and marveling at the different ways everyone drew the same objects.

Michelle’s light-handed shading created beautiful soft edges on her clay pot, Nancy’s way of capturing the light bouncing off the skin of her apple, the perfect shadows of Walter’s cylinder, all inspired me to look more carefully at the world around me. This class changed the way I see everything. A leaf lying on the driveway draws me in to observe its position, depth, and reflection of light. Wow…did I just say that? On a Sunday drive, I recall the images we created on paper with telephone poles and roads “converging” at a point. So, no more Mondays classes for now, but I’ll sing up for Lee’s Nature Journaling with Spring Ephemerals class in April. Very cool!

2013-02-22 15.26.37by Meg Gallagher
Advancement Assistant


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