In tribute to great devotion

Bryan Family credit Ann Rohlfing

Barbara Bryan (center), pictured with her husband,
David Bryan, and daughter, Meredith Damschroder,
is the Arboretum’s 2012 Volunteer of the Year.

It was a day about love and community, a functional family holiday! Everywhere I looked, people were laughing, hugging, listening, visiting, and reminiscing. The Arboretum’s annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon was held at the Lily Pad Café in Denton on Saturday, February 9, and it was my first time at this event. I’d heard great things about it and really wanted to be part of the celebration for our loyal volunteers, many of whom have become dear friends.


Barbara Bryan speaks to those assembled while
Volunteer Maryland Coordinator Kelli Magaw (left) and
Arboretum Executive Director Ellie Altman look happily on.

I was excited to be in the same room at the same time with all of these wonderful people who so love Adkins Arboretum and to applaud Barbara Bryan, 2012 Volunteer of the Year, whose art graces Native Seed, the award-winning (thanks in part to Barbara) Arboretum newsletter.

Frankly, I would have had a great time if we’d been in the school cafeteria, but happily we were at the Lily Pad with its historic ambiance and lovely, delicious food. Kelli Magaw and Ginna Tiernan put together a program that was fun and engaging. Ellie Altman read a sweet, witty poem (see below) written by the staff and then paid tribute to volunteers who proudly stood for their five-, ten-, and fifteen-year anniversaries as dedicated Arboretum volunteers. Several staff members shared their favorite volunteer experiences and expressed their gratitude for the time and energy given to the Arboretum by the BEST GROUP OF VOLUNTEERS ON THE EASTERN SHORE!

barbara janet doehler

2012 Volunteer of the Year Barbara Bryan (right)
and Arboretum volunteer Janet Doehler.

by Meg Gallagher Advancement Assistant

photos by Meredith Damschroder, Ann Rohlfing, and Ginna Tiernan



Volunteer Tribute Song

To the tune of “America the Beautiful”

Oh, dedicated volunteers,
For you we raise this cheer,
Your many kind and gracious deeds
Have blessed us all this year.
Oh volunteers, we love your creed
Of doing for each other
To help the Arboretum make
A haven like no other.

Oh, dedicated volunteers
How do you find the time
To share your talents and good will
And make our lives sublime?
With optimism for a future
Embracing heartfelt mission,
Caring for this special place
With passion and with vision.

Oh, dedicated volunteers
We sing to you today
We owe you so much gratitude
For help along the way
A big thank you is overdue
You help us stay in motion
Forest, meadow, field, and creek
All thrive with your devotion.

by Ellie Altman and Jenny Houghton



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