Building upon a recent blog edited by Carole Brown ( and my growing appreciation for the grasses in the garden I inherited this summer when I moved to a house in town, here is my lucky 13 list of the use and value of native grasses:

Grasses are: 

  1. Drought tolerant
  2. Wet tolerant
  3. Hardy
  4. Long-lived
  5. Visually interesting
  6. Fast growing
  7. Great in every type of garden
  8. Deer resistant
  9. Part of almost every plant community and ecosystem
  10. Stunning in containers
  11. Low maintenance (prune or burn once a year)
  12. A quick screen
  13. Valuable wildlife habitat

Even a novice gardener should find these facts persuasive. Plant grasses and count your good luck. It is time to make a wish list for Adkins Arboretum’s Native Plant Nursery spring opening weekend. Mark your calendar for April 12-14, 2013.

 Ellie Altman

Executive Director



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