Remarks for a remarkable event

On Saturday, September 29, 2012, more than 200 Arboretum supporters gathered in the Arboretum’s South Meadow under a tent to enjoy themselves and help raise money to support the Arboretum’s operating budget. To welcome these close friends and supporters, I thanked key supporters and immediately turned to briefly remind them why we had gathered on a stunning Indian summer evening. 

Ellie Altman
Executive Director

Thank you, thank you. Good evening.

To all of our guests, your presence is a confirmation that the good work of Adkins Arboretum is valued and appreciated. So thank you for spending this evening with us. We take it personally. You have full lives and many places to be, so we are honored that you have chosen to be here.

So what is the cause that brings us together tonight?

There are five:

1.      To keep the Arboretum’s doors open every day,

2.      Accessible to everyone,

3.      To enjoy the beauty, the wonder, and the magic of the natural world,

4.      To find at the Arboretum a respite,

5.      To find the resources to become better stewards of our land.

Thank you for your interest in this cause and for being here tonight to help underwrite the costs of the Arboretum’s gardening, nature, and art programs for all ages.


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