Celebrating today

Celebration: recognition that something is special.  So I am choosing to celebrate today by taking a walk in the woods at Adkins.

Just as when returning home from the Western Shore, as I reach the midpoint of the Bay Bridge, I find that I can take a deep breath and loosen my white knuckle grip on the steering wheel. I get a similar feeling at Adkins. Like I’m finally home….and I like it.

As I take off on my walk, I go from feeling the warm sun on my back to admiring the ferns growing in the deep shade, in just a few feet. It’s so peaceful here with only the birds’ songs to remind me that I really am not totally alone.

On to Paw Paw Playground, where I sit for awhile. For some reason I find myself thinking about the people who lived here a hundred years ago. How did they make their living? Were they happy? Were they concerned about being happy, or did making a living consume all their time? Did they have time to celebrate just because it was a beautiful day?

Small red berries on the path give away the location of a sweetbay magnolia. The berries and cones of a magnolia are so distinctive. I love to see them in bloom. There’s something about their leathery leaves and smooth creamy white blossoms.

What is it about lichen and moss that attracts my attention? Is it the color? That elusive blue-green found on lichens or the bright green on the moss? Or is it the textures? Or is it that the appearance of lichens tell us the air quality is good at the Arboretum? I’m going to think more about that.

Now taking the North Tuckahoe Trail. I think there’s a tree down across the trail. What better way to get up close and inspect a tree top without risking life and limb? Sadly, it looks like I have waited too long and the tree(s) has been removed.

A squirrel runs across the path ahead of me. Boy, can they make a racket. It sounds more like a couple of deer running in the woods then a squirrel. Next time I am going to bring my binoculars. There are so many birds calling and I don’t recognize many of them. What a great place for bird watching.

Taking Nancy’s Meadow Cut takes me from deep woods right out into meadow in just a few steps. This is where the shining sumac tree is just starting to take on fall color. All too soon, I find myself back at the Visitor’s Center. Taking the time to enjoy the day is always a good idea. For now it’s off to work for me. But I know the paths at Adkins will beckon me back soon.


by Diana Beall
Assistant Receptionist


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