Wonder and Wonderment

Taking a walk on a nearly rainy day

Feeling the breeze in the meadow and the humidity in the woods

Sharing knowledge and insights

Learning every step of the way

 So much diversity, such an interesting collection of plants

 But so much more than plants

One could walk and talk and dream the day away

 And wonder

 Wonder at how this world is put together

 Seeing a spider’s egg open and spill out hundreds of baby spiders

 Did the mother send a message to the babies to scatter in an effort to try and save them from us?

 Or was it pure coincidence that we were there at the exact right moment to see such an amazing sight?

 We may never know.

 Such is the wonder and wonderment found at Adkins Arboretum this week.

 by Diana Beall

Assistant Receptionist

Photo by Bookkeeper Michelle Smith


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