A rainy Arboretum day

Last week, Executive Director Ellie Altman pondered a rainy day at the Arboretum.

Driving in a torrent of rain to work this morning, I asked myself what there is to do at Adkins Arboretum on a rainy day. First, volunteer Sheila Dyer will greet you at the Visitor’s Center entrance and make your day when she welcomes you and makes you feel like you have made her day. As the deluge persists, you can shop for a one-of-a-kind nature-inspired gift for a special person at Sweet Bay Gifts, the Arboretum’s gift shop. And if the rains continue, you can view artist Julia Sutliff’s new exhibit of beautiful ethereal landscapes.

Then I thought about plans to expand the Visitor’s Center and build a large open pavilion with exposed timbers, and contemplated setting an appropriate ticket price for watching and listening to the rain under the pavilion’s roof. How much would that be worth? Priceless?

As I write these thoughts, the rain has stopped, and it is an ideal day for a walk in the woods to hunt for paw paw fruit and early signs of fall.



The Proposed Arboretum Visitor’s Center



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