Thoughts on a Saturday walk


Arboretum Docent Al Moored led the First Saturday Guided Walk on August 4. These are his reflections.


Would you believe that there were five adults and two children at the First Saturday walk in August? What a treat!


Dad knew all the bugs in the world, and his son was close on his heels. Backpack and stroller formed the younger part of our walk, and five adults rounded out the group. What a blast!


If you have not noticed the paw paws at the first bridge, please do. There are plenty at the first bridge, “way down yonder in the paw paw patch.” Pickin’ up paw paws…they are not ready yet, but there are a lot of them.


The Blockston Branch looked to be DEAD, but as we moved down it, there was more and more water.  The art in the woods was attention grabbing. Tulip trees and the possibilities for hiding in a tree seemed feasible, eating paw paws, and what about all the nuts that were found along the walk?


At the second bridge there seemed to be a frog convention going on. A little bit of encouragement resulted in a whole lot of croaking and splashing, too much to see all at once, but fun. 


It was nice to point out the devil’s broomstick (with blooms), the seeds on the ironwood, and native azalea. 


As we emerged from the woods, we were confronted with the blue-black berries on the tree (with the bug catching device)…we thought that the sassafras tree was the host, but???


Goats are of interest, being in the woods is fun, having a community/family experience is inspiring.


Thanks for the opportunity.


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