Sowing the Seeds of Love

In my former life as a French teacher, I briefly tried to raise my infant daughter bilingually. Although that effort failed, I’m proud to announce that, ten years later, she’s proficient in the language of the Arboretum. Just last week, in a spate of sibling jealousy, she declared, “Mom, it’s like I’m the native plant, and my little sister is the invasive weed, choking all the goodness from my life.” Ouch.
The little sister in question, at not quite three, is learning the language as well. Shortly after being accused of being an invasive weed, she announced, “Lyra, you can still come to my fairy princess birthday party…as the poison ivy fairy. I’ll be the rose petal fairy.”
Though not native, the peace rose is among my favorite flowers. For obvious reasons, I think I’ll plant one this spring.
by Jenny Houghton
Youth Program Coordinator

One thought on “Sowing the Seeds of Love

  1. I have also sowed the seeds of love in spring. But I think in the very busy life where every one is busy in his/her life the need to sow the seed of love is not only in flower pot but also in the others life. We can more happily if we take in to consideration to sow the love seeds in others life.

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