Nature, Nurture, Nutrition

A single red berry clings tenuously to a slender twig, providing a bright shot of color in the winter landscape. Bare branches reach toward the sky, and evergreen leaves and needles take center stage without deciduous leaves to steal their thunder. The distinctive honk of the Canada goose flies crisply through the air. Walking in the winter forest is truly a treat for the senses.

Jump at the chance to feed ALL your senses when the Arboretum hosts the year’s first Soup ‘n Walk program on Saturday, February 18. Led by a docent naturalist, you’ll venture into the forest in search of plants that seek the warmth of the winter sun. While searching for mosses, magnolia and holly leaves, cranefly orchids, and other green plants, you’ll work up an appetite for the delicious lunch and brief nutrition lesson that follow.

Do you know that you can arrange for a Soup ‘n Walk program for your group of 15 or more? Contact Ginna Tiernan at or 410.634.2847, ext. 27.

The Soup ‘n Walk program is an Arboretum favorite, so register now for this weekend to guarantee a spot. It’s the perfect opportunity to feed yourself, body and soul.

by Jodie Littleton
Communications Consultant


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