Nature as Muse Report, February 5

Oh it was a dark and dreary day! There were only no-shows for the scheduled walk. However there was a couple at Adkins who were dropping off some art to be judged; having driven down from Baltimore they were going to go for a walk. So I kept with the planned theme and we took the walk together.

There was a steady drizzle with no wind, so we were treated to jewels of water, collected at every dip along every branch reflecting what little light there was. In the subdued light we were able to pick out some egg clusters on the marsh grass and imagine just what butterflies we will be seeing this spring. The dog wood blossoms stood out as advertisements to come and see what beauty there is to be in the near future.

Along the Meadow Walk, in contrast to the many greys upon grey, were the black raspberry stems with grey on blue and the blackberry with the red stems; both of them proudly showing there small claws just daring entry. One tree still held the yellow and red berries of the bitter sweet which were showing off in the subdued light. The mulberry tree was standing there all rough and snarly looking like some menace against the cloudy background.

We noticed the Blockston Branch winding its way down to the Tuckahoe; clear as a bell, tempting us to taste a sip. Trees suffering from old age or high wind leaned on their neighbors waiting to come to rest on the ground. On the ground under the Virginia and Loblolly pines were some mosses who looked like they themselves were aspiring to be pine trees; each of these showing off different hues of green in the subdued light.

I was glad that we took the time to see the sights that get special respect in the subdued light.


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