July 3rd Guided Walk

Hello all, and Happy Fourth –

We took a group of eight folks out yesterday, including a 3 year-old and an infant in a baby carriage. Never too young to start learning, yes? We co-led the walk, and while our plan called for something different initially, we decided to change it a bit when the 3-year old turned up. Michele had the idea of doing a treasure hunt for sculptures (there’s the grandmother effect!) so we started out across the main bridge, came back around across the members’ bridge, then in front of the visitor center and into the woods to the Blockston Branch trail with the motivation to a) find the sculpture, and b) try to figure out what the artist was expressing in the particular work of art.

Since Michele had gone on the McCoys’ tour of the sculptures, and then been through a second time, she could offer many details about the artists’ perceptions, the challenges of installation, and also help people speculate about how natural conditions could change the sculptures over time.

We can truly say that everyone was fascinated with the search. The Arboretum seemed dry in places – very green in others. Definitely a time with few flowers in the woods except the lovely Summersweet – not yet in full bloom.

Pat Bowell, as always, was so welcoming to the visitors, made everyone feel at home, and even made coffee for the weary Arb. volunteers!! Thank you, Pat.

Hope everyone out there is having a good holiday weekend.
See you later.


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