Haunted Haride by Kate Greer, volunteer

Saturday night was a bear, weatherwise, as you well know, and I was soaked and chilled to the bone for my drive home but was warmed by remembering all the eager faces and smiles as people came to pay up for the hayrides. They were out there to have fun regardless of the weather and it was such a wonerful family thing. So even though our numbers didn’t even approach those of Friday nights, it was a great event anyway.

While I kept to my task and didn’t take off on one of the rides, I was impressed with just how much preparation had gone into the event. And that’s without even seeing what went on in the woods.
Paul and his crew of volunteers were just outstanding and kept things upbeat until the final drenching got underway, at which time there was no other choice but to pull the plug. Everytime, I get involved in an Arboretum event, whether it’s an Arbor Day rum, a plant sale, a greens sale or a hayride, I am always awed by what’s achieved. That you are able to do so much with so few people is greatly to your credit.


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