Scott and Tyler Arboretums Trip 9-23-09 by Jim Spicher

Driving to Adkins in the thick fog, still air and high humidity was an experience not soon forgotten. Eighteen people and two leaders got off to head north to Swarthmore (which means Black Swamp) College for the tour of Scott Arboretum. The big bus had to get thru many small streets. We got on with walking around the college and enjoyed the rose garden and many beautiful trees.

The motto of college is Non Dicere, Sed Facere which means ‘don’t talk but act’. Swarthmore College was started by Quakers in 1864 with one large building. The Quakers feel if you know about God’s creation (trees and such) you will better understand our maker.

Then we were on the road to Tyler Arboretum which I had walked through many times but never had the tour guide to explain the history. William Penn sold this land Quakers. We ate lunch in air conditioned addition to the 1806 barn. Viewed trees planted by two brothers during the time of 1806-1830. The Cedar of Lebanon was most impressive with its large size. We toured the tree houses for youth to learn about nature. We left at 4pm for the ride home.

A very enjoyable day it was.


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