The Funshine Garden by Jenny Houghton, Teacher

The Funshine Garden is entering fall with a riot of bright colors. Zinnias wave in the rainbow bed, and the magenta flowers of a hibiscus attract hummingbirds and insects in the pollinator bed. Native honeysuckle flourishes on the teepee; duck inside to find heavy bird nest gourds peeping through the foliage.
The sunflower house and Three Sisters bed are past their prime, but birds and mice will still enjoy the seeds spilled from dried flowers and split melons. While harvest time is over for many of the Funshine Garden plants, cranberries will soon ripen in a corner barrel. In the sensory herb bed, lavender, mint, and sage plants have made huge leaps in growth since last year.
The garden has been cared for by the Arboretum’s interns and campers over the summer. A group of girl scouts from Denton, along with Arboretum teacher Jenny Houghton, will work in the garden until next summer. The scouts have chosen the Funshine Garden as the focus of their yearly community service project.


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