The Arboretum in the Winter-by Sue Wyndham, Land Stewardship Coordinator

As a transplant to the eastern shore, I commiserated recently with other people who have lived in colder climes about the lack of snow, wondering where winter hides in this area. Just when I thought I wouldn’t see it this year, winter showed up in all its glory during an early March storm! 

The Arboretum left its gates open that day so that other snow lovers could enter, but not a soul ventured out. I had the place to myself! A rare and precious opportunity to quietly walk through the Arboretum grounds in complete solitude.  I soaked up the tranquil beauty provided by the fleeting transformation of our landscape – a snowy white blanket that illuminated the landscape with reflected sunlight, shining a spotlight softly on trees bent to their capacity under the weight of 8”of winter. Snapped branches and fallen trees, coupled with usual landmarks and paths disguised by the snow, made it hard for me to recognize the Arboretum grounds that had started to feel familiar  – Mother Nature was definitely at work redesigning things to suit her tastes! Or maybe it was really to keep Arboretum staff members, Buck and Paul, busy with grounds maintenance? Perhaps, but I didn’t think about that too much that day…

Instead I just wandered through seemingly new territory, and simply enjoyed the beauty of our winter landscape. I hope you did, too!

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