Arboretum Paths Keep Your Feet Dry by Buck Schuyler, Gardener

As you meander along the woodland paths at Adkins Arboretum enjoying nature in all the ways possible that people can imagine, think about how comfortable the walking paths are. They are maintained by staff (Paul McMullen and I) and volunteers (Richard McCamant and Dick Holladay among others) at the Arboretum.

There are two new additions to the paths and if (when) you walk on Tuckahoe Valley South heading towards the Tuckahoe State Park you will cross two new footbridges that have recently been constructed. The first one spans a wet area where water collected after rainy weather. The second crosses a stream where a shorter bridge had existed. The bridge was extended and new decking was added to the old section.

Let the Arboretum staff know how we are doing with improvements from time to time. Your comments are always helpful.
Adkins Arboretum is constantly thinking outside the box to plan and prepare for every visitor to fully enjoy nature at its best in every season.


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